Friday, September 30, 2011


The university photographer at work came by my office today to show me what he found in the university photo archives.  It was this photo taken by the university student photographer at the time of WKU's 2007 Spring Commencement. It was May, 13, 2007.

I can't believe it's been over four years since I graduated from WKU. Now I work here, and I see students on campus every day. It doesn't seem that long ago at all that I was huffing and puffing up and down the Hill to get to classes and stressing over mid-terms.

Pictured are my PR buddies: Dara, Mary and Marilyn.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Penelope update

Penelope is six months old. She's getting big too. She now weighs 8.5 pounds! We got her fixed last Thursday. I picked her up from her overnight stay at the vet on Friday after work. She was kind of puny over the weekend, acting as though she was in some pain, but now she seems to be back to her normal self.

She has stitches all the way down her belly, and has to go back to the vet to have those removed next Monday. The vet said to keep her "quiet" for ten days: no barking, yelping, whining, running or jumping.  Has she met Penelope? The task is nearly impossible, especially now that she's feeling better, but we shall try our best to keep her "quiet" until the wound is healed.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

labor day weekend

Last weekend we got to see Chris' dad and stepmom. We hadn't seen them since Father's Day. I know, we're terrible children. We really do try to see family more frequently then once every ten weeks! We had a good time visiting a winery on Saturday night. There was food, wine and music- all of which was delicious.

Sunday we got to visit Grace Heartland Church, which was good since Chris has lots of friends there. It was nice to get to see everyone. They grabbed Chris at the door since they were short a bass player. He agreed to play. He said the first song was a disaster since he hadn't practiced with them, but the other songs went okay. After church we had lunch and took a road trip to Louisville to visit Guitar Center. Chris' dad had some potential business to attend to there, and he thought Chris would enjoy looking around. Chris had time to scope out his next potential instrument. He just got his solid wood guitar, so he has moved on to dreaming for a bass amp. 

Sunday night we visited some more over dinner and puppy time with Penelope and Dutch, and Chris and I drove back to Bowling Green later that night.

Monday I made a pot of pinto beans (yum!) and some cornbread, did laundry, and vegged out at home while Chris went to Spencer's Coffeehouse to get some planning and grading done. It seems his work as a teacher never ends. He's doing a great job, but between teaching, grading, planning, commuting, commitment to serve at church, an insane running schedule (he's still marathon training when he has time), and just everyday stuff that one is expected to accomplish, I can tell he is exhausted.

We had a nice relaxing weekend. It was my first Labor Day off in several years. The last three I worked the 5K Run for Sight since my last company, Downing-McPeak was always the title sponsor. Last year I had just left DMVC the week before to work for WKU, but I still volunteered to help them through the Run for Sight race. I have to say that I missed it a little this year. On the other hand, it was pouring down rain that morning, and it sure was nice to not have to get up at 5 a.m. to set up!

Some pictures from the weekend:
Sorry they are low res. They were taken with my iPhone.