Monday, January 9, 2012


With the help of some very kind friends and a U-Haul, we got everything moved this weekend! I think we're going to like living in our new apartment. As Chris and I have started putting things in their places, and we're already noticing that it has a lot more space than our old apartment. Of course, we will really miss the old place. There are so many sweet memories there. That will always be our first home as a married couple even though I lived there over a year before we got married. I actually moved there before we even started dating, but just by a couple months.

We still have a lot of work to do. Many boxes still have to be unpacked. There are also empty boxes and random things lying everywhere. I'm still not sure where everything is, but we're slowly getting there. We spent about 3 hours cleaning the old apartment yesterday, and we're still not finished. We hope to go back for a few hours tonight to finish.

Moving to a new home is exciting and fun, but it's also exhausting. I look forward to things getting back to normal.

Friday, January 6, 2012

sick of my car

I am here at work an hour early because my sweetie dropped me off on his way to Ohio Co. to work today. Since he's been at a conference in Bowling Green the last two days, it's his first day back to school. My car is in the shop again, so we're working it out with one car. 

The good news is they found the problem - at least this time. They are replacing the neutral safety switch, which is out AND KIND OF EXPENSIVE to replace. Hopefully, fixing it will solve all the starting issues, but at this point, I am not holding my breath. It's had random issues starting over the last couple of years, but it's usually more of a hesitation before it starts.  This is the second or third time it's not turned over at all. It's the second time I've had it towed. It was just giving the single click noise when turning the key, and after leaving it to sit for hours, it still wasn't starting. 

The first time I towed it was the first day of December. I had run into a business for a moment, and went back to my car to start it back up - and nothing.  This was just a couple of days after I had it in the shop over Thanksgiving break for the hesitation issue, and the mechanic couldn't get it to act up once. They had told me there was nothing they could do until it acted up on them, so a couple days later, when it was acting up on me again (this time not turning over at all), I had it towed it there. Of course it started right up as soon as they got it in the shop. They ended up cleaning the throttle plates on it, told me they thought that might help, and that they still didn't know what was really causing the issue. At least that time they didn't charge me anything.

I feel a little better that they've finally found a problem that they can fix.  Here's hoping it fixes everything...I don't want to buy a new car until August. That's what we've started budgeting and planning for. We're so close to finishing baby step 3. I would hate to have to blow most of it on a newer car, but I think if it comes down to it, I'd rather do that then deal with buying and selling another beater to drive around for 6 months or going into debt for a car- even in the short-term.

Wish us luck moving with one car this weekend. Good thing we're getting a U-Haul!