Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dave's baby step 3, again!

Once again, we have met the third baby step in Dave Ramsey's baby step plan! Yep, we went backwards for a few months so we could replace my car. Praise God we were able to save back the extra money we spent on the car fairly quickly! That's right, our emergency fund is funded enough to support us for 3-6 months should one or both of us lose a job. I certainly hope that we're not in that situation anytime soon, but if we are, I have some confidence now that we're financially prepared.

Now the fun part begins; dreaming and saving for our first house! It's a bit depressing to think that it will take us well over a year, if not two years to save 20% for a down payment- especially when I think about all the friends our age or younger who already own their first or second house and have for several years. However, we have the goal in mind, and we're ready to work our butts off to make our dream of owning a home a reality! I know we can do it, but it will no doubt require discipline and lots of time!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Rest!

As you might have guessed from my last post, things have been really busy in the Carter household the past few weeks! Chris started back to school about a month ago, and work for me got a little nuts in August. Thankfully, things are slowing down a bit as we settle into a new groove for the school year. We're so thankful Chris got keep his teaching position at OCHS this year, so I am certainly not complaining. However, him going back to work has certainly been an adjustment for us at home. Instead of staying up late to play music, read, write or do anything else he enjoys for leisure, Chris is staying up late each night to grade papers, plan lessons, tests, reviews, quizzes, activities... you name it. He no longer has much energy to stay up and work as he's worn out from standing and talking all day long. Let us all remember who he's talking to all day, teenagers, who - let's face it, are not known for their listening skills. I am sure there's a lot of repeating going on.

I was relieved to have this past weekend to relax. Friday night we went on a cheap date night. We decided to make it cheap because we're still saving away for our 3-6 month emergency fund. I chose to spend the evening at Chick-fil-a, Barnes & Noble and Starbucks!

We ate dinner at Chick-fil-a, and then headed over to Barnes & Noble to hang for a little while. Anyone that knows Chris knows that his favorite place in the world is Barnes & Noble. The only complaint he has with the store in Bowling Green is that it has no music section aside from the tiny display by the check-out counter. He immediately headed over to the magazine section and no doubt drooled over something guitar related while I scoped the place out to find The Vow, which is a book of the true events that inspired the crappy major motion picture. I had picked it up and began reading during our last visit to Barnes & Noble a month or so ago, and I could barely put it down that night. I had made it almost through the second chapter then, so I thought I should probably purchase it with some of my allowance money. I had since seen the movie, which wasn't really a bad movie, but I didn't find it terribly impressive. I know that Hollywood often changes stories, but this time they had really changed it for the worst. After only reading a chapter or two, I knew it would be way better than the movie. It was, in my opinion, a completely different story. The real story is about two Christians who despite experiencing a terrible accident that resulted in a major brain injury for one spouse, were able to persevere with God's help and honored their marriage vows through the challenge. Of course, Hollywood cut that whole Christian part out. The entire point of the story was that if they hadn't put their trust in Christ, they would not still be married to each other.

After I got the book, we headed over to Starbucks for a PSL. That's right, people! Pumpkin Spice Lattes are now available at Starbucks for your fall season guilty pleasure!  We sat, sipped fancy coffee and relaxed while I read almost the entire book!

Saturday we gave my car a little TLC. We got it's oil changed for the first time since we've had it and gave it a nice bath. I also took Penelope for a nail trim. Since her vet couldn't get her in until next Saturday, I took her to a groomer that my friend Emily recommended called Wags N' Whiskers. I just couldn't let her wait another week. I thought her nails were totally out of control.  The groomer is downtown just past the square on State Street. They did a really good job with her, and the best part is that they only charged me $5. That's half the price compared to what the vet charges! I think they used a dremel rather than clippers. She only cried for a minute right at first. I think the dremel is a little loud and it vibrates, so it scared her at first. They must be good at what they do there because she won't let me come near her nails. Even with Chris and I both holding her down, it's a disaster. The last time we really tried, it ended in a bit of a bloodbath. After her nail trim, I met up with Chris at the library. He had been planning the Sunday School lesson. We went for a walk downtown with our pup. I finished my book on Saturday evening while Chris went to hang out with the guys. I was a little bummed about finishing the book so quickly. I did spend $15 on a book that took me barely three hours to read, and I am a slow reader. Sheesh! Though it was a really good story, I regret not just waiting a little longer and borrowing it from the library. I am going to let Jamie borrow it (and anyone else who wants) to help justify my spending!

Sunday we had a great day at church. Chris taught the Sunday School lesson, and Pastor Kevin preached from Exodus on faithfulness and trusting God. Sunday afternoon we tried out the new burger and fries joint in town called Five Guys. It was really good, and the weather was nice enough to allow us to eat outside. After lunch we caught up on laundry, cleaning, napping and grading papers, of course. Sunday evening we went back to church for the Quarterly Connection, which was BBQ at the recreation shelter. I brought my trusty potluck dish, hash brown casserole. YUM!

I can't wait for another weekend to be rested and productive!