Monday, June 20, 2011

a game of chase

I know I haven't been posting much lately, but this is what I have been having to deal with each day when I get home from work. She's so cute AND bad.

pizza man

So I took these photos of my honey making a homemade wheat-crust pizza a couple of Saturday's back. He's a really good cook AND he's really cute.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

trusting the Lord

The school year has ended for Warren County, so Chris is not able to work as a sub for the next two months.  We're so thankful that he was able to work almost every day this year.  He took two days off to be out of town with my family last month and the school system didn't need him two other days this year.  That's just four days that the school system didn't use his services.
Even though it was rough on him (and myself) remembering to call most mornings not knowing if there would be work that day or the next, the Lord provided.
So here comes another difficult time period. Chris is going to try to get a summer job, but who knows if there's one for him out there. He will return as a substitute in the fall unless the Lord blesses us by providing him with a permanent position teaching or otherwise. We're still praying for that. Please continue to keep that in your prayers.
My current challenge is continuing to place all trust in the Lord. It has been a prayer and struggle of mine for a long time now. I want to be a good wife. Not a nagging, insecure wife. Stress is certainly not a fruit of the spirit. If it were, I would be the most spirit-filled person I know. I just need to continue to pursue the Lord and not worry so much. I may not know them yet, but He has plans for our future.